About Us

Harrisonburg Baptist Preschool is a non-profit ministry sponsored by Harrisonburg Baptist Church.

It is the aim of our Preschool to further the development of the total personality of your child – mind, body, and spirit.  We provide children with the following opportunities:

  • A wide variety of learning experiences from which they can gain understanding and build readiness for future learning.
  • Self-expression through language, music, movement, and art activities.
  • Develop physical strength and coordination.
  • Succeed in doing things for themselves, thereby growing in self-reliance, responsibility, and confidence.
  • Participation in a group, and to grow in their ability to “give and take” with those of their own age.
  • Make many of their own choices.
  • Develop attitudes that are in harmony with Christian understandings about life.

We attempt to supply what study has taught us that the young child needs.  Among them are:

  • A feeling of belonging and usefulness
  • The assurance that his/her individuality is respected
  • Consistency set in behavior limits
  • Protection of personal rights
  • Guidance in understanding his/her own feelings, and acceptable ways of expressing them
  • Adequate space for vigorous physical activity
  • Equipment scaled to his/her size
  • Materials that invite him/her to explore, discover, and learn
  • Guidance in appropriate ways of responding to other people
  • Success, approval, and love